“My dad taught me about honor, duty, country, and sacrifice. He inspired me to serve to serve the country as he did in World War II.”

Normandy, France – House Foreign Affairs Committee Lead Republican Michael McCaul (R-TX) joined Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” to pay tribute to the brave American service members, including his father, who courageously stormed the beaches in Normandy 75 years ago laying down their lives to ensure freedom would prevail during World War II.

Lead Republican McCaul is part of a bipartisan Congressional delegation to Normandy, France for the 75th anniversary of D-Day commemoration event. See below for key highlights, photo’s from today’s ceremony, and read his full statement on the 75th Anniversary of D-Day, here.

Fox News’ “Fox and Friends”

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In remembrance of his father, James McCaul Jr., and his service…

“He was my personal hero… I saw today the living veterans of World War II. Behind me are the ten thousand that were buried and died on D-Day.  The whole Operation Overlord started with the air campaign and my father was part of that. He was a bombardier on a B-17… My dad taught me about honor, duty, country, about sacrifice. He inspired me to serve to serve the country as he did in World War II.”

On preserving the legacy of the Greatest Generation…

“They were a different breed. They were born in the Great Depression, tempered by one of the greatest wars against the greatest evil really known to mankind. [My father] was a great man… my personal hero. But they are all [heroes] out of that same generation, the Greatest Generation, handing down a better America to my generation.

“I try to tell my kids, and think it’s important that the children of today know what this generation did, commemorating them today. I think we have to continue the story handing it down generation to generation. The stakes were so high. The turning point was here at D-Day. I think it’s important that the textbooks remind them, and that they come visit sites like Omaha Beach. I went to Auschwitz, as well, to see the evil that they were fighting. And it was such a good versus evil conflict and they won and defeated one of the most evil, evil, sources in mankind and history.”

75th Anniversary of D-Day

Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial

Lead Republican McCaul honoring the ten thousand who sacrificed their lives for freedom 75 years ago on the D-Day invasion.

Lead Republican McCaul and House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy honoring World War II veterans returning to Normandy for the commemoration. 

Lead Republican McCaul pays tribute to World War II veterans entering the ceremony.