Washington D.C. – Earlier this week, House Foreign Affairs Committee Lead Republican Michael McCaul (R-TX) accepted the annual award from Bread for the World institute for his bipartisan leadership in working to end hunger and support global nutrition and food security. The foundation focuses its efforts on educating policymakers and providing analysis on strategies to end hunger and poverty around the world.

Lead Republican McCaul delivering remarks following acceptance of the award. 

Lead Republican McCaul with Bread for the World President, Rev. David Beckman, and representatives from the foundation. 

Photo Source: Lacey Johnson | Bread for the World

“We know that global food security is a critical component to stabilizing communities. We are seeing conflict increasing around the world – whether it is in Yemen, Venezuela, the Sahel, Syria, and North Africa. These areas face a greater threat of instability and extremism because of extreme poverty. That is why we must focus our assistance on the root causes of fragility, and global food security is an important component. Chairman Engel and I have led on the Global Fragility Act, which unanimously passed the House a few weeks ago. This bill will help coordinate our assistance in fragile states. I am glad we were successful in increasing the budget for global nutrition and food security programs last year. Together we can make an impact in addressing food security around the world, and the U.S. will be safer and better off because of it,” said Lead Republican McCaul during in his acceptance remarks.

“Congressman McCaul is a true Bread for the World champion,” said Bread for the World President, Rev. David Beckmann. “He believes in strong U.S. leadership, which includes development assistance. Congressman McCaul cosponsored the Global Food Security Reauthorization Act and has cosponsored legislation to reduce mother and child mortality. Recently, following a trip to Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras, he introduced legislation to improve aid to those countries and address the root causes of migration. We thank Congressman McCaul for all of his efforts.”