Washington D.C. – Yesterday, Congressman Michael McCaul (R-TX), Lead Republican of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, appeared live on “Fox News at Night” with Shannon Bream to provide an update on the U.S. response to coronavirus and the Chinese Communist Party’s role in its spread. Key highlights are below.

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On the CCP’s coverup: These are basically arms of the Chinese Communist Party, the propaganda arm in the United States and around the world spreading information that the United States military was behind the coronavirus and the reason why the Chinese Communist Party, not the people of China but the Communist Party, are doing this is because they are trying to cover up what really happened. In my view this was one of the worst cover ups in human history. And it started in the first week of December, and it went on into January, and the WHO as you talked about, patted them on the back for their efforts. Now we have a global pandemic that originated out of Wuhan.

On the CCP perpetuating a pandemic: They allowed millions of people to come through Wuhan to celebrate their spring festival. 5 million people left the area, traveling domestically and abroad. They went into laboratories and shut them down, destroyed laboratory samples. And they detained eight of the doctors trying to speak the truth about what really happened. In Wuhan, one of them actually died from coronavirus after he’d been detained and pled guilty to misdemeanor charge. This is a systematic whitewash of what the Communist Party has done in China to try to cover up what has happened, which is now wreaking havoc all across the world causing not only the lives of many people, but also economic chaos.

On ensuring a bipartisan stimulus package: This is not a time for partisan games or trying to get all the grab bag items into the candy jar, if you will. This is a time when Americans want us to come together, Republican, Democrat, and do what’s best for the United States and right now we have to pass a bill that helps our workers out there, helps our small businesses, helps our hospitals and if we fail to do that because we want to score political points, shame on us. I very much hope we have a bill passed in the Senate this week and the House will convene later to pass this. This is what the American people want and demand out of us.

On eliminating the liberal wish list:  How can you tell me the Green New Deal is tied to coronavirus, labor unions tied to coronavirus, how is the Kennedy Center funding, as much as we like performing arts, how was that tied to coronavirus? This is [Nancy Pelosi] being influenced by her far left, “the squad,” trying to put all of the goodies that she wants into a bill. It’s not going to work because it’s not going to get through the Senate, it’s not going to be signed into law by the President, so let’s be serious about this, about a bill that we can pass in the House, it will be passed by the Senate and the White House.