Washington D.C. – Yesterday, Congressman Michael McCaul (R-TX), Lead Republican of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, joinedAmerica This Week” with Eric Bolling to discuss the Chinese Communist Party’s coronavirus coverup as well as his efforts to investigate their actions and the origins of the virus. 

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On the CCP coverup: Well I think it’s important we go to the origins of COVID-19 to find out how this happened in the first place and why it happened, and how we can prevent it from happening again. I call it the worst cover-up in human history. Dating back to mid-November, first case pops up beginning of December, the Chinese Communist Party immediately puts a gag order on the doctors trying to sound the alarm that this is a different type of virus – it is more deadly and more contagious. One of them actually dies from COVID-19. Then moving on, the Chinese Communist Party, the government, goes into laboratories, shuts them down, and destroys lab samples to try to control this investigation.

On the WHO’s culpability: Also, the Taiwanese government warned the WHO that this is a human-to-human transmitted disease. The Chinese Communist Party continues to lie about that, and unfortunately Tedros and the WHO repeated that lie saying it’s not human-to-human. Fast forward to the Spring Lunar Festival, which is like their Thanksgiving and Christmas combined, millions travel outside of China internationally, and Eric at that point we went from an epidemic to a global pandemic.

On the origins of the virus: I’ve had classified briefings – I can’t get into the nature of those discussions. I have asked the State Department and the intelligence community to investigate what happened. I was pleased to see the President today came out ordering his intelligence community to investigate the origins of COVID-19. You know Eric it’s one of two, the wildlife market is what the Chinese government initially pointed to as the source, but as many authorities have told me – when they say it’s one thing, it’s usually another. I’ve had briefings on the lab as well. It’s interesting that at this lab they were researching bat-related coronaviruses and how those  coronaviruses could jump to humans – precisely what COVID-19 is. We also know from two State Department cables in 2018 that the safety of the lab was called into question by our State Department.