Washington D.C. – This morning, House Foreign Affairs Committee Lead Republican Michael McCaul (R-TX) and Republican Leader of the House Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) joined FOX Business’s Mornings with Maria to discuss the China Task Force’s 2020 report, which was released this morning. 

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Rep. McCaul on Democrats backing out of the China Task Force: I think they made a big mistake here. They just want to focus on the president. They don’t want to focus on where the virus came from — that’s China. We want things to be made in America, not made in China. The virus is made in China. but we want manufacturing and jobs made in the United States of America. So what the leader is talking about is supply chain, how can we decouple what is really national security related and bring it back home, where it’s going to protect our national security, provide more manufacturing jobs, and be really good for the economy. I think the idea that they dodged that question is clear. You know, I prosecuted the Johnny Chung case in 1996, where the Chinese Director of Intelligence was putting money in the Clinton campaign. We know the Chinese — the Communist Party are trying to influence this election right now in favor of Joe Biden, and I think that should be part of this discussion as well. 

Rep. McCaul on the China challenge: This is the greatest challenge, both militarily and economically, in our generation. For my dad [it was] World War II, growing up, it was the Cold War, 9/11. [For this] generation, [this is] the greatest foreign policy challenge we have.

The full report is available here.