This morning on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Chairman Ed Royce discussed South Korea’s upcoming talks with North Korea, additional sanctions on Iran’s ballistic missile program and the administration’s decision to withhold some security assistance to Pakistan. The video and a few key excerpts are below.

We have to “keep the pressure up on Kim Jong Un”:
“If the talks are going on during the Olympic Games in February, maybe that quiets the neighborhood there for a bit. But my main concern is that South Korea not give away anything such as resources or money to North Korea in any of these talks. Why? Because that money always finds its way back into their nuclear weapons program. Virtually 100 percent of whatever gets into the hands of Kim Jong Un is deployed for his military or his ICBM and nuclear weapon program. That’s why we’ve got to be so careful in not allowing resources to be transferred to that regime.”

The U.S. should sanction any entity that facilitates Iran’s ICBM program:
“[W]hat we are saying on the U.S. side… with a piece of legislation I’ve passed out of the House [is]… we’re going to sanction any business, company, entity, bank that in any way helps build up that intercontinental ballistic missile system… That bill is now in the Senate. We hope to get it to the president’s desk.”

The situation in Pakistan is delicate and will require Congressional oversight:
“[D]espite all our efforts in Pakistan to close down some 600 Deobandi schools… these are schools that teach jihad… and despite our efforts to get them to crack down on the Haqqani network, we still have this problem… If we cut off those resources  …we might get more cooperation.

“However, at the same time – and this is why we’ve got to look at this carefully – we have certain interests in Afghanistan and as a consequence, we use Pakistan basically as a transit point. And they give us some assistance there. So, this is a delicate situation, but we’re trying to apply pressure. And we’re going to be looking at this in the Congress.”