H.Res. 512, Calling for the global repeal of blasphemy, heresy, and apostasy laws

H.R. 5408, Ukraine Religious Freedom Support Act

H.Res. 742, Recognizing the continued success of the Food for Peace Act

H.R. 5664, LIFT Act

H.Res. 720, Expressing the sense of House of Representatives that the International Olympic Committee should correct Jim Thorpe’s Olympic records for his unprecedented accomplishments during the 1912 Olympic Games

H.R. 2166, Global Health Security Act

H.R. 2847, No Passport Fees for Heroes’ Families Act

H.Res. 723, Encouraging all nations to end sexual violence against girls through in-country data-driven reforms as demonstrated by multiple African nations

H.Res. 809, Expressing the importance of the United States alliance with the Republic of Korea and the contributions of Korean Americans in the United States

H.Res. 458, Reaffirming the strong partnership between Tunisia and the United States and supporting the people of Tunisia in their continued pursuit of democratic reforms

H.R. 1611, Robert Levinson Hostage Recovery and Hostage-Taking Accountability Act