H.R. 9, Climate Action Now Act
H.R. 2002, Taiwan Assurance Act of 2019
H. Res. 273, Reaffirming the United States commitment to Taiwan and to the implementation of the Taiwan Relations Act
H.R. 97, RAWR Act
H.R. 753, Global Electoral Exchange Act of 2019
H.R. 1704, Championing American Business Through Diplomacy Act of 2019
H.R. 1004, Prohibiting Unauthorized Military Action in Venezuela Act
H.R. 1952, Intercountry Adoption Information Act
H.R. 615, The Refugee Sanitation Facility Safety Act of 2019
H.R. 526, Cambodia Democracy Act
H.Res. 106, Denouncing female genital mutilation
H.R. 1359, Digital Global Access Policy Act of 2019
H.R. 951, U.S-Mexico Tourism Improvement Act
H.R. 1580, Global Fragility Act