Chairman Smith on the hearing: “The world owes Nobel Laureate Liu Xiaobo a debt of gratitude because he demonstrates, in his life and writings, that the ideas of democracy and due process, liberty and the rule of law, are not foreign to China, despite the many protestations of the Chinese Communist Party.  Countless others have followed his courageous example and peacefully demanded universally-recognized human rights, despite sometimes brutal repression.  Liu Xiaobo now suffers from late-stage liver cancer, the Chinese government has refused requests to allow him to seek treatment options. This hearing will examine the Liu Xiaobo’s current health and detention situation, the situation of his wife Liu Xia, and assess what more can be done by the international community to assist this champion of democracy and human rights.”

Opening Statements

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Yang Jianli, Ph.D.
Initiatives for China
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Perry Link, Ph.D.
Chancellorial Chair for Innovative Teaching
University of California, Riverside
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Mr. Jared Genser
Freedom Now
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