Chairman Duncan on the Hearing: “The Caribbean and the Member States of the CARICOM community are home to many beautiful and popular travel destinations for vacationers and cruisers from all around the world, including many Americans. However, the Caribbean is also a haven for drug and human traffickers, gun smugglers, and other transnational criminal organizations.  The United States has worked since 2010 to reduce illicit trafficking, increase public security, and to promote justice reform and combat corruption through the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative.  Additionally, the Caribbean has worked with the U.S. in several targeted trade promotion initiatives to reduce poverty and diversify the economies of several of these island nations. This hearing will examine the opportunities and potential the Caribbean presents for U.S. businesses and the strategic importance of building a stronger U.S.-Caribbean partnership.”

Opening Statements


Mr. Eric Farnsworth
Vice President
Council of the Americas and Americas Society
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Ms. Sally Yearwood
Executive Director
Caribbean-Central American Action
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His Excellency Richard Bernal
Pro-Vice Chancellor for Global Affairs
University of the West Indies in Jamaica
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Hearing transcript (PDF)