Chairman Poe on the hearing: “America’s oil and gas industry is a force multiplier for U.S. influence around the world. For decades, many of the planet’s great energy producers have been despotic regimes who leveraged their oil wealth to oppress their own people or pursue nefarious foreign policies. But as the U.S. has developed innovative new ways to extract oil and gas resources where they were previously unreachable, we now have the power to greatly minimize the influence of states like Russia, Iran, and Venezuela over the international energy market. This hearing will examine the global implications of increased U.S. oil and gas competitiveness and how it could be utilized to strengthen American foreign policy.” 


Kenneth B. Medlock III, Ph.D.
Senior Director
Center for Energy Studies
Baker Institute for Public Policy
Rice University

Mr. David Carroll
President and Chief Executive Officer
Gas Technology Institute

Ms. Sarah Ladislaw
Director and Senior Fellow
Energy and National Security Program
Center for Strategic and International Studies

Ms. Samantha Gross
Cross-Brookings Initiative on Energy and Climate
The Brookings Institution