Chairman Duncan on the hearing: “The Trump Administration’s budget request for FY2018 includes more than $1.1 billion in foreign assistance for the Western Hemisphere and reflects the Administration’s priorities to work with our neighbors to deter illegal immigration and combat the growing threat from transnational criminal organizations. The U.S. has significant interests in the region. However, our support for these interests must also recognize that our country is nearly $20 trillion in debt, be balanced with clear and achievable priorities, have the support of the American people, and have measurable benchmarks to assess effectiveness. We also need to see countries in the region tackle corruption and impunity as well as affirm regional efforts to support democracy, especially in Venezuela and Cuba. I look forward to examining the Administration’s budget request and understanding the vision and objectives for U.S. engagement with the region.”


Mr. Francisco Palmieri
Acting Assistant Secretary
Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs
U.S. Department of State
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Ms. Sarah-Ann Lynch
Acting Assistant Administrator
Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean
U.S. Agency for International Development
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