Chairman Poe on the hearing: “Great Britain is one of our oldest and strongest allies. Our shared values and principles have united us together, increasing the peace and prosperity of our two countries. We now have the opportunity to negotiate a deal that not only should represent a gold standard when it comes to trade deals but also deepen our alliance even further. I look forward to hearing more about what a deal might look like and the geopolitical benefits it could bring to our special relationship.”

Chairman Rohrabacher on the hearing: “Britain is a leading global power and her people have exercised their sovereign will to chart a new course outside of the European Union. We must respect that choice and support Britain. A strong Britain means a strong ally for America and the fate of our two countries are deeply connected. A bilateral Free Trade Agreement is in our mutual interest and negotiations should begin as soon as practical.”

Opening Statements


Nile Gardiner, Ph.D.
Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom
The Heritage Foundation
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Mr. Simon Lester
Trade Policy Analyst
Herbert A. Stiefel Center for Trade Policy Studies
Cato Institute
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Daniel S. Hamilton, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Center for Transatlantic Relations
Johns Hopkins School of Advanced and International Studies
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