Religious freedoms and minority faiths are increasingly under attack all around the world. Today, there are many laws and oppressive governments that continue to crack down on the ability of people to worship and practice the faith of their choice. These attacks include the brutal persecution of Uighurs in China and Rohingyas in Burma as well as a rise in anti-Semitism and the targeting of Christian minorities across the globe, among others. This hearing will examine how Congress can help end this religious persecution as well as blasphemy, apostasy, and heresy laws that remain intact and govern society in particular countries.


Ms. Rachel Deitch
Policy Manager
American Humanist Association

Mr. Francisco Bencosme
Asia Pacific Advocacy Manager
Amnesty International

Ms. Rushan Abbas
Executive Director
Campaign for Uyghurs

Mr. Jeremy Barker
Senior Program Officer and Director for Middle East Action Team
Religious Freedom Institute