It’s been almost three years since Rohingya refugees began a mass exodus from Burma to Bangladesh to escape the violence of Burmese Security Forces.  What are the current conditions of these refugees and what can the United States do to address this problem?  This hearing will focus on the current conditions facing the Rohingya in Bangladesh, Burma, and other countries in Southeast Asia. Specifically, it will examine the humanitarian situation on the ground in Cox’s Bazar, the impact of COVID-19 and how Bangladesh has handled the influx of refugees since 2017. It will also detail the state of the remaining Rohingya in Burma. Finally, the hearing will allow the Members and witnesses the opportunity to discuss the efforts of the international community and the United States to mitigate the extraordinary circumstances facing the Rohingya and what prospects, if at all, may allow the return of the Rohingya to Burma.


Mr. Eric Schwartz
Refugees International

Ms. Wai Wai Nu
Executive Director
Women’s Peace Network
Simon-Skjodt Center for the Prevention of Genocide
U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

Ms. Allyson Neville
Associate Director for International Humanitarian Response Policy and Advocacy
Save the Children

Ms. Olivia Enos
Senior Policy Analyst
The Asian Studies Center
The Heritage Foundation