As Vladimir Putin continues his brutal war of aggression in Ukraine, the Chinese Communist Party has funneled U.S.-origin dual-use technologies into Russia to help sustain the Kremlin’s war machine. As Russia and China become increasingly close under their “no limits” partnership, the Biden administration has failed to enforce redlines to effectively restrict the flow of American technologies to our adversaries. The time is now: this administration must work with Congress to show our adversaries that the United States will not stand by while our enemies work together to spread chaos around the globe.


What the Biden Administration Said: On February 2022, the United States State Department spokesman Ned Price warned that Chinese firms would face consequences if they evaded export controls on Moscow if Russia invaded Ukraine. 

What Happened: On February 4, 2022, China and Russia announced a “no limits” partnership on political, economic, and military cooperation showcasing a front against the West. 


What the Biden Administration Said: On March 8, 2022, the Biden administration warned that the U.S. could shut down Chinese Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation by denying access to U.S. equipment and software because their chips are used by the Russian military against Ukraine. 

What Happened: The Biden administration has not taken any action. 


What the Biden Administration Said: On March 18, 2022, President Biden told Xi Jinping that there would be consequences if China provided economic or military support to Russia. Two years later, Secretary Blinken stated, “Russia would struggle to maintain its assault on Ukraine without China’s support. I made it clear that if China does not address this problem, we will.”

What Happened: On July 27, 2023, it was reported that China is a critical economic partner for Russia and its war efforts. Recent reporting indicates that their help has accelerated as China has become Russia’s primary sources of chips for use in its weapons systems. On April 3, 2024, Deputy Secretary of States Kurt Campbell admitted that with the support of China, Russia has “reconstituted” its military.


What the Biden Administration Said: On November 10, 2023, the United States Department of Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen repeatedly warned that the United States would take decisive action against financial institutions that help supply Russia’s war machine. 

What Happened: The U.S. has not taken any actions related to Secretary Yellen’s economic threats towards China. 


What the Biden Administration Said: On May 1, 2024, Secretary Yellen announced 300 sanctions on the Chinese Communist Party entities that provide critical material s to Russia’s military-industrial base. 

What Happened: Only 12 of these sanctions actually target CCP entities in China. 


What the Biden Administration Said: On May 2, 2024, DNI Avril Haines stated, “Although China has stopped short of delivering lethal weaponry to Russia for its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, it has provided crucial technology and tools for its military machine.”

What Happened: The Biden administration has failed to deter China from aiding Russia and has not taken decisive action to sever that relationship.