WASHINGTON—Representative Eliot L. Engel, Ranking Member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, today made the following statement:

 “I support the resolution introduced today in the House, I'm pleased to cosponsor the measure, and I applaud Representatives Khanna and Smith for their leadership on this issue. Congress has kicked the can on far too many foreign-policy issues. The Trump Administration has made it clear that they don’t take Congressional prerogatives seriously. For example, the Administration’s recent certification that coalition actions are reducing the risk of harm to civilians and civilian infrastructure isn't credible, as the recent horrific attacks against civilians demonstrate. This resolution will spur a much needed debate on a complex problem and remind the Administration that Congress has a role to play in our foreign affairs.

 “Let me be clear: I am not minimizing the very serious and urgent threats facing Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. No country should have to endure a ballistic-missile threat aimed at their civilian population centers. Iranian assistance has upgraded Houthi weaponry, and I remain committed to helping our allies mitigate this threat. I also recognize that their cooperation is critical to the fight against ISIS-Y and Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

 “But three years into the civil war in Yemen, the parties to the conflict seem no closer to a political solution even though an end to the violence would serve everyone’s best interest. Children continue to die from explosives, disease, and malnutrition. Too many civilians have lost their lives. The time to end the violence is long overdue, and the status quo needs a jolt.

 “That’s why I support this resolution, which would ensure that the United States doesn’t get mired in a war that has already caused too many casualties in Yemen. Passing this measure will send a clear message that the current situation is unacceptable—and that we certainly shouldn’t support additional commitments of American manpower and resources.”

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