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Click here for a fact sheet on The SECURE Our Democracy Act. This bill would sanction any foreign individual or entity found to have unlawfully meddled with a federal election, and would bar entry to the United States and freeze U.S.-based assets of anyone involved in such interference. The SECURE Our Democracy Act would also require the Secretary of State to compile and regularly update a public list of foreign persons and entities who, at any time since January 1, 2015, unlawfully interfered in U.S. elections for federal office. Those on the list would be barred from entering the United States and have their financial assets in this country frozen. Similar sanctions have won strong bipartisan support and have been used successfully against terrorists, drug traffickers, and human rights violators. The bill would also require the Secretary to submit a report to Congress after each federal election summarizing any foreign interference in the previous cycle, offering the American people an official report.  The SECURE Our Democracy Act would cost zero taxpayer dollars.