Deny ISIS Funding & Save Syria’s Antiquities

The Protect and Preserve International Cultural Property Act

(H.R. 1493)

ISIS Profits from Destroying World History

  • ISIS earns tens of millions annually from looting and trafficking antiquities to fund terror. 
  • A UN Security Council resolution passed in February calls on all nations to help defund ISIS by preventing trade in Syrian antiquities. 
  • America’s allies have already imposed import restrictions on trafficked Syrian and Iraqi artifacts.
  • Congress established similar restrictions for Iraqi artifacts in 2004 but has yet to act for Syria, leaving Syrian artifacts open to looting and trafficking by ISIS.

H.R. 1493

  • Imposes import restrictions on illicit Syrian artifacts to undercut looting and trafficking.
  • Provides for antiquities to be temporarily protected by U.S. institutions until they can be safely returned to their rightful owners.
  • Expresses congressional support for establishing an interagency coordinating committee to better protect historical sites and artifacts at risk worldwide. 
  • Improves congressional oversight of efforts to save cultural property.

Action Needed Now

  • With final House passage, H.R. 1493 will head to the President’s desk for signature.