It’s been a busy week.  Last Friday, Chairman Royce was in Seoul, wrapping up an official visit to Taiwan and South Korea.  Days later, he helped welcome Indian Prime Minister Modi to the U.S. Capitol and joined House GOP leaders in unveiling a national security agenda for 2017 and beyond.  Here are seven photos to help tell the story.

  1. Building Boats. In Yilan, Royce visited a shipyard that specializes in the manufacture of high-speed boats for exports to governments and law enforcement agencies.  Royce wants to see the U.S. do more to provide expert and technical assistance to help further grow Taiwan’s shipbuilding industry.


  2. The President.  In Taipei, Chairman Royce met with new President Tsai Ing-wen – Taiwan’s first female president.  Royce reaffirmed to President Tsai that it’s in the U.S. interest to have a stable and prosperous Taiwan.


  3. Thanking Our Troops.  Chairman Royce signs the guest book at United Nations Command/ROK-U.S. Combined Forces Command in Seoul, South Korea as General Brooks looks on.  Meetings with U.S. and South Korean officials in Seoul focused on the threats posed by North Korea’s illicit nuclear and missile programs.


  4. Modi.  Back in Washington on Wednesday, Chairman Royce welcomed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the U.S. Capitol.  At a reception with members of the House Foreign Affairs and Senate Foreign Relations Committees, Royce highlighted U.S.-India cooperation on counterterrorism, space exploration and more.

    Royce and Modi

  5. New Momentum.  As the world’s oldest and largest democracies, the U.S. and India have a special relationship.  Prime Minister Modi’s address on Wednesday marked the fifth time an Indian Prime Minister has addressed a Joint Meeting of Congress. (Photo by Caleb Smith/Speaker’s Office)


  6. A  Better Way.  Yesterday Chairman Royce joined Speaker Ryan and members of the National Security Task Force to unveil the House GOP’s national security agenda for 2017 and beyond. (Photo by Caleb Smith/Speaker’s Office)

    CFR 600px

  7. Spreading the Word.  Chairman Royce takes a moment backstage at the Council on Foreign Relations to call in to Hugh Hewitt’s radio show to discuss how the House GOP’s national security agenda will keep America safe and advance U.S. interests around the world.