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Washington, D.C.- House Foreign Affairs Committee Lead Republican Michael McCaul joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures to discuss the Biden Administration’s failure to safely withdraw from Afghanistan and the need for further investigation into the Origins of COVID-19.   

Watch here.

On President Biden’s Failed Withdrawal
“The reason why Bagram Air Base is so important is because it’s a national security asset for the United States, or it was until the Taliban took it over. This provided eyes and ears, not only in Afghanistan, but Russia, China and Iran, our adversaries. They are now emboldened. We can’t see. We are going dark now. And that’s very dangerous.”

On New Findings into Origins of COVID-19
Well, this new information has come out through a FOIA request. The grant applications that went to the NIH basically indicated it was for gain-of-function research, which is genetic modification. This was not a naturally occurring virus, Maria. This was a manmade, genetically modified virus. And these — the grant applications that I was denied access to that we got through a FOIA request now actually prove that what was going on at that lab was gain of function. And the worst thing, Maria, is that it was done through EcoHealth. Peter Daszak got a $3.1 million from the NIH. $600,000 go into the Wuhan lab. And our intelligence community didn’t even talk about it in their report.”