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Washington, D.C.- Congressman Michael McCaul, Republican Leader on the House Foreign Affairs Committee released the following statement on Russian cyber-attacks on US, UK, and Canadian COVID-19 research centers. 

“Russian cyber-attacks on organizations combating the COVID-19 pandemic and working tirelessly to develop a vaccine once again show Vladimir Putin is not a friend to the United States. Sadly this is part of a larger pattern of Russia launching cyber-attacks that seek to destabilize and undermine democratic institutions here in the United States as well as in allied countries like the United Kingdom, Germany, Estonia, Ukraine, and Georgia. We must continue to work with our allies to expose this despicable behavior and hold the Putin regime accountable.”

  • In addition to Russia, China has been accused of carrying out similar attacks on U.S. medical institutions. This is just the latest in a series of steps the CCP has taken to cover up their mishandling the coronavirus pandemic, as detailed in McCaul’s interim report on the COVID-19 pandemic.