Washington D.C. – House Foreign Affairs Committee Lead Republican Michael McCaul (R-TX) issued the following statement on Russia’s continued aggression towards Ukraine and today’s joint initiative by the United States, European Union, and Canada to impose sanctions against Russian officials involved in last year’s attack on three Ukrainian naval vessels near the Kerch Strait.

Lead Republican McCaul:I welcome the issuing of new sanctions against Russian officials responsible for the unjustified and unprovoked attack last year on Ukrainian sovereignty and the continued illegal detention of 24 Ukrainian sailors. Vladimir Putin and his thugs continue to trample on Ukraine’s sovereignty with these attacks and the continued illegal occupation of Crimea. Actions like this make it clear that the United States stands shoulder to shoulder with nations that respect the rule of armed conflict and territorial boundaries. 

“I am especially pleased that this was done in coordination with our allies. While there may be times when the U.S. must issue sanctions unilaterally, our sanctions are most impactful when they are coordinated with our friends.”