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Washington, DC – Yesterday, India announced it would not be moving forward with any Chinese Communist Party-controlled companies as it develops its 5G networks. House Foreign Affairs Committee Lead Republican and China Task Force Chairman Michael McCaul has released the following statement praising India this decision. 

“India’s decision to exclude Huawei and ZTE from its 5G trials is good news for the people of India and the world. People’s Republic of China law requires any Chinese company – including Huawei and ZTE – to work for the Chinese Communist Party if asked. It’s a risk that can’t be mitigated unless these companies are excluded from our networks, and I’m glad that India has recognized this threat. India has once again proven why it is a global leader in the fight against security threats posed by CCP-controlled technology.”

The China Task Force report released last year called for the U.S. government to work with our partners and allies, like India, to ensure CCP-controlled technology companies do not have access to their 5G networks.