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Washington, DC – House Foreign Affairs Lead Republican Michael McCaul and 20 Republican Members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee introduced the Iran Sanctions Relief Review Act of 2021. This bill would enable Congress to review, and if necessary block, any effort by the Biden Administration to terminate U.S. sanctions against the Iranian regime. This is the House companion to a bill introduced by Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN) in the Senate.

The Iran Sanctions Relief Review Act of 2021 (ISRRA) provides for congressional oversight of any possible deal with Iran that includes sanctions relief. Under ISSRA, Congress must review any sanctions relief proposal prior to sanctions being lifted. This approach was used for congressional review of Russia sanctions relief under the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act of 2017, which passed both the House and Senate with broad bipartisan support.

“The Biden Administration has already started making concessions in an apparent attempt to start negotiations with Iran. This bill creates a process for Congress to conduct appropriate oversight of any agreement with Iran that includes sanctions relief. We have a responsibility to ensure that the American people are getting a better deal than the JCPOA,” said Lead Republican McCaul.

“The Iranian regime continues to escalate with missile strikes, armed militants, and other forms of aggression in the Middle East as it presses for massive sanctions relief. Congress must proactively serve as a check on President Biden’s drive to use sanctions relief to reset relations with the terror-sponsoring Iranian regime. By introducing the House version of the Senate’s Iran Sanctions Relief Review Act today, House Foreign Affairs Committee Ranking Member McCaul and other members are making clear that both chambers of congress oppose the Biden Administration returning to the failed strategy of surrendering leverage that threatened the security of the United States and our allies in the region during the Obama years. These sanctions have taken time to implement and are now achieving their intended effect. This is not the time to back off or capitulate,” said Senator Hagerty.