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Washington, D.C.- Washington, D.C.- House Foreign Affairs Committee Lead Republican Michael McCaul headlined in a fireside conversation about the perils of doing business in China at the Milken Institute’s Asia Summit – and the importance U.S. companies considering the national security and moral ramifications of operating under an authoritarian government that is currently committing genocide. Rep. McCaul was joined by Curtis Chin, a Milken Institute Asia fellow and former U.S. Ambassador to the Asian Development Bank.

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“After COVID there was a bit of a wake up call, not only in the United States but worldwide, on supply chain. Although I’ve been talking about advanced semiconductor chips before that, I do think the American people certainly realize there are supply chains that could be compromised coming out of communist China…Advanced semiconductors are so important because they are in everything from your iPhone to the most advanced weapon systems in our military. We can’t afford to have them compromised any longer. The CHIPS for America Act that I introduced will help spur more manufacturing of these chips either in the United States or with our allies.”

On Taiwan:
“I’m very, very concerned about the threat level rising out of Beijing with President Xi thinking he is chairman Mao and wanting to return to imperial China which is a sounding alarm and wake up call because if he takes Taiwan, the next step is taking all of the islands…The threat level is something we are paying a lot of attention to.”