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Washington—This month, provisions of the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act go into effect, sanctioning those who back the Syrian regime, including Russia and Iran. Ahead of the implementation, House Foreign Affairs Committee Republican Leader Michael T. McCaul and Chairman Eliot Engel Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman James Risch and Ranking Member Bob Menendez released the following statement:

“The Syrian people have suffered too much and for too long under Assad and his backers. The Administration must engage in vigorous, sustained enforcement of the Caesar Act in order to send a message to the regime and its enablers that Assad remains a pariah. He will never regain standing as a legitimate leader. The regime and its sponsors must stop the slaughter of innocent people and provide the Syrian people a path toward reconciliation, stability and freedom.

“We strongly urge all members of the international community against commercial or diplomatic engagement with the murderous Assad regime or engaging in sanctionable behavior.”

Chairman Engel first introduced the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act in 2016. The bill became law, with the support of Ranking Member McCaul, Chairman Risch, and Ranking Member Menendez, in 2019.