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Washington, D.C. —Congressman Michael McCaul, Republican Leader on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, today introduced the bipartisan Rewards for Providing Information on Foreign Election Interference Act with the Committee’s Chairman, Representative Eliot Engel. This legislation aims to combat foreign election interference by increasing State Department resources to reward people who alert American authorities about foreign attempts to interfere in U.S. elections. 

“America is an example of how freedom and democracy can work and how much it benefits the people. So it’s no surprise nefarious agents bent on destroying freedom and democracy would seek to undermine our election process and sow seeds of discord, fearing the message our peaceful transition of power sends to oppressed people around the world,” said Lead Republican Michael McCaul. “This bipartisan legislation sends a clear message to malicious actors attempting to interfere in our democratic process: the United States will absolutely not tolerate it, and there will be consequences.”