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Washington, DC – Recent reporting from The New York Times reveals the Chinese Communist Party is continuing to access sensitive U.S. technology that is being used to perpetrate the atrocities in Xinjiang against ethnic and religious minorities. The news comes at a time when the Biden Administration has paused or rescinded multiple Executive Orders related to the CCP that were issued under the Trump Administration. Below is a statement from House Foreign Affairs Committee Lead Republican Michael McCaul.

“We have repeatedly seen the Bureau of Industry and Security’s relaxed approach to export controls end up allowing our adversaries to gain access to critical U.S. technology. The time for studying this problem is over. I am calling on the president to act immediately and implement real solutions to this growing threat that are not based on the overly permissive licensing regime currently being used. The implementation of an emerging and foundational technology list would be a welcome first step. Relying solely on the Commerce Department’s Entity List is ineffective because the CCP can influence any entity under its authority to divert technology. 

“I’m also calling on the president to resume the forward leaning PRC-related Executive Orders they paused and to replace any Executive Orders they have rescinded – including last week’s action on TikTok – with strong rule-making that can protect our sensitive data, technology, and capital from being exploited by the CCP.”