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Washington, D.C. – House Foreign Affairs Committee Lead Republican Michael McCaul joined Kate Bolduan on CNN to discuss Ukrainian President Zelensky’s address to Congress last night, the importance of Congressional oversight of U.S. weapons and funds going into the country, the significant return on America’s investment in Ukraine’s fight for freedom, and why designating Russia an “aggressor state” is nothing more than a toothless symbol.

Watch the interview here.

On Zelensky’s Speech:

“What we are seeing right now is a struggle for the global balance of power [with] Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea – particularly Chairman Xi in China…You cannot bifurcate these world powers, and they are all against freedom and democracy, and the West. While I was worried it would be politicized, I thought he gave a tremendous speech that was inspiring not only to the United States, but to the world.”

On the Importance of Congressional Oversight:

“We are going to have oversight and accountability. The American taxpayer deserves that. And through that, when we are giving them this money, I want to make sure it’s going to the weapons they need. Because right now, they’re not getting the weapons they need.”

On the Return on America’s Investment:

“With this investment…[Ukraine has] destroyed the Russian military without one American soldier being killed. Now think about that – a foreign nation adversary like Russia. Who would have thought Ukraine would even have the capability to do this? The thing is Kate, every time we give them what they need, they come through.”

On Why Ukraine Doesn’t Need a New Toothless Designation for Russia  – They Need More Weapons:

“[The newly proposed ‘Aggressor State’ designation] is just symbolic. What they actually need are the weapons.”