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New Delhi, India – During his bipartisan delegation visit to India, Chairman Michael McCaul met with Indian Prime Minister Modi. India is a member of the Quad, a partnership between the United States, India, Australia, and Japan to ensure a free and peaceful Indo-Pacific. In their conversation, Chairman McCaul focused on the need to continue strengthening both our bilateral alliance with India and the Quad.
“I told Prime Minister Modi it is in the strategic interest of both United States and India to partner together to ensure democratic countries remain the leaders in producing both next generation weapons and technology,” stated Chairman McCaul. “Together we can send a powerful message of deterrence to the Chinese Communist Party because when the world’s two largest democracies stand together, freedom and liberty win out over tyranny and oppression. I also invited Prime Minister Modi to visit me in Texas. We have a large Indian diaspora in the Lone Star state and I let him know he would be welcomed with open arms.”