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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul returned from a congressional delegation (CODEL) he led to Sweden, Finland, and the Netherlands.

The bipartisan delegation included House Foreign Affairs Committee Ranking Member Gregory Meeks (D-NY) and Reps. Thomas Kean (R-NJ), chair of the Subcommittee on Europe, Gerry Connolly (D-VA), Ann Wagner (R-MO), Vice Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Madeleine Dean (D-PA), Bill Huizenga (R-MI), chair of the Congressional Caucus on the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and Dan Meuser (R-PA).

Chairman McCaul released the following statement:

“Through his unprovoked war of aggression against Ukraine, Putin sought to divide and weaken the NATO alliance. He achieved exactly the opposite. The alliance has never been stronger, thanks in large part to the important contributions being made by the Netherlands and our newest NATO ally, Finland. The addition of Sweden hopefully this fall will also bolster the alliance, as our delegation saw first-hand, including at site visits to SAAB and the Berga Naval Base. We left Finland and Sweden knowing beyond a doubt that both nations will add significant military capabilities to the alliance.

“The conversations with leaders in each of these countries gave our delegation a great deal of hope. I’m proud to have led this trip and reassured our allies — on a bipartisan basis — that America will continue to stand with them in defense of freedom around the world.”

In Sweden, the delegation met with Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson, Foreign Minister Tobias Billström, Defense Minister Pål Jonson, and Speaker of the Parliament Andreas Norlén. They also visited Swedish aerospace and defense company SAAB and Berga Naval base, where they observed U.S. and Swedish Marines training together and saw how Sweden will be a security provider from day one as a NATO ally.

Photo of the delegation with Prime Minister Kristersson


Photos of the delegation at SAAB

Photo of the delegation at Berga Naval Base

In Finland, the delegation met with President Sauli Niinistö, Foreign Minister Elina Valtonen, Defense Minister Antti Häkkänen, Commander of the Finnish Defense Forces General Timo Kivinen, and Members of Parliament. Meetings focused on the impressive contribution Finland has already made to NATO, shared interests in countering Russian aggression, and being clear-eyed about the challenges posed by the CCP, particularly in the field of emerging technology.

Photo of the delegation with President Niinistö

Photo of the delegation with Foreign Minister Valtonen

The delegation visited ICEYE, a cutting edge microsatellite company whose technology can vastly improve awareness of high-threat environments for the United States, Finland, and other NATO allies. They also visited Nokia, where they discussed the importance of securing 5G networks and future 6G telecommunications. And they visited the Merihaka Civil Defense Shelter with Helsinki Mayor Vartiainen, where they were briefed by the Director General of Rescue Services on Finland’s vast civil defense network that exemplifies Finland’s commitment to the societal resilience required of all NATO allies.

Photo of the delegation at Nokia

Photo of the delegation at Merihaka Civil Defense Shelter

In the Netherlands, the delegation met with the Vice Chief of Defense Boudewijn Boots, Commander of the Air Force Lieutenant-General André Steur, Foreign Minister Hanke Bruins Slot, Members of Parliament, and Prime Minister Mark Rutte. They discussed the Dutch’s contributions to NATO and Ukraine, including their leadership on the training of Ukrainian F-16 pilots and critical efforts to hold the Putin regime accountable for its war crimes and other atrocities.

Photo of the delegation with Prime Minister Rutte

Photo of the delegation with Vice Chief of Defense Boots

The delegation also met with representatives from ASML to discuss efforts to restrict China’s access to cutting edge technology, like advanced semiconductors, that could be used for military purposes against U.S., Dutch, and other allied interests.

Chairman McCaul held a press conference with the full delegation and Ruben Brekelmans, a Member of the Dutch Parliament and chair of the Parliament’s contact group with the United States.

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