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Washington, D.C. – House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul joined Shannon Bream on Fox News’ “Fox News Sunday” to discuss the ongoing war in Israel, the Iranian regime’s support of terrorist organizations, and the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) aggressive military posturing as President Biden and Chairman Xi Jinping plan to meet.


On Iranian-backed proxies threatening Israel:

“This [war] was really started by Iran – really by their proxies. Hamas is a proxy of Iran. Hezbollah, we don’t want Hezbollah light up. They have 100,000 rockets that can fire in [and] overload the Iron Dome and – meanwhile – the militia groups in Iraq and Syria have been hitting our troops in Iraq and Syria. Finally, the administration is responding to this.”

On sanctions on the Iranian regime:

“We have not enforced sanctions on Iranian oil, and so we’ve had about 30 to 60 billion dollars they’ve made money off of by evading our sanctions. That goes straight into funding of terrorist organizations like Hamas, like Hezbollah. In addition, the six-billion-dollar part of this hostage negotiation. … There’s no reason to put six billion dollars into the biggest state sponsor of terror.”

On Turkish President Erdogan’s statements supporting Hamas:

“I would tell them to stop. … The fact that he’s supporting Hamas, and is a NATO ally, and guess who else is? Mr. Putin. Hamas, visited him at the Kremlin, and we’re seeing now the solidification of Russia, China, and Iran all together in this. They’re all allies against the West and the United States.”

On a proposed meeting between President Biden and Xi Jinping, and aggressive posturing by the CCP’s military:

“De-escalate the tension. You know, when I was in Taiwan, they circled it with 10 battleships, aircraft carriers, 70 fighter jets. As you mentioned, our B-52, fighter jet came 10 feet away from that – and the Philippines, the Chinese Coast Guard banged into a Philippine vessel [and] almost sunk it. So the message is: Get something out of this meeting for God’s sake.

“And I would also argue that Mark Swidan – from Texas – he’s been in China for 11 years as a hostage. He is very sick. He’s a prisoner now on death row for a bogus drug charge.”

On the need for America to project strength against all threats facing the United States and our allies:

“We can’t forget about the other adversaries linked to Iran, which is causing the problems in Israel, and that is Russia in Ukraine in Europe and the threat [of] China to the Pacific. And lastly, Shannon – most importantly for me, my constituents – the border itself, we have to get this thing under control, because it’s way out of control.”

On securing our southern border:

“We need to stop the magnet – which is political asylum – go back to the policies that worked, which was ‘Remain in Mexico,’ Migrant Protection Protocols. I brought this up to the White House. It wouldn’t cost a whole lot of money. It’s just a change in policy are their claims are adjudicated outside the United States, not inside, because once they’re inside the United States – like seven million have been – they were released.”