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Washington, D.C. – Yesterday, Chairman McCaul joined Margaret Brennan on CBS’ “Face the Nation” to discuss topics including the Iranian strikes against Israel and the importance of the House of Representatives voting on the supplemental aid package to support our allies.



Highlights from the interview –

On the recent Iranian strikes against Israel:

“You’re always concerned that we don’t want escalation in the region that would be a threat to our troops and our embassies. As I understand talking to the State Department, the embassy is in good shape right now…And I think the fact of the matter is, as Mr. Kirby mentioned, is 99 percent of these rockets and drones were shot down. Pretty impressive display of force, showing a force in collaboration with the United States, Jordan, and other allies. And it also showed us Iran’s not 10 feet tall.”

On the importance of maintaining a close relationship with Israel: 

“We cannot have daylight between us. We had some daylight prior to this, or joined with them. And I know, Gantz came out with a statement saying we want to be joined with our regional partners.”

On Israel’s response to the Iranian attacks:

“I think one option would be to take out the facilities where these drones and rockets came from, and also destroy the manufacturing facilities that build the drones and rockets, not just for Israel’s sake, but also for Ukraine’s sake, because these rockets and drones are being bought by Russia, and they’re killing Ukrainians every day.”

On foreign assistance to America’s allies:

“I happen to think that we haven’t seen a threat like this since my dad’s World War II. And if we don’t stick together, it gets these- this unholy alliance…Remember Afghanistan was the turning point. And that is when the Russian Federation came into Ukraine. Chairman Xi is looking at Taiwan. Ayatollah reared its ugly head.”