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Austin, TX – House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul joined Maria Bartiromo on Fox News‘ “Sunday Morning Futures” to discuss the G7 Summit and countering the malign influence of the CCP, Biden’s foreign policy failures, and the latest on his Afghanistan withdrawal investigation. 



On the CCP’s Economic Coercion: 

“Most disturbingly is a quote from Xi Jinping himself, who says, ” we want to get foreign nations dependent on our supply chains so that down the road, we can cut them off from these supply chains.”

“It’s very clear what their intention is here, and you know, we saw it after COVID with medical, we see it with rare earth minerals, and also semiconductors — if they can make the world dependent on them with the supply chain, they also have the power to cut it off.”

On President Biden’s Continued Projection of Weakness on the World Stage: 

“When [Biden] projects weakness, this is what you get, you invite aggression. So now, our foreign nation adversaries like Russia, China, Iran, North Korea are emboldened and empowered.”

On the Committee’s Afghanistan Withdrawal Investigation: 

“Twenty-three embassy employees disagreed and dissented from the administration’s policy, so we want that information. I’ve offered to redact the names, but I want to see the content and the secretary’s response to that. I think they have finally caved, I would say Blinken blinked, and now they’re going to produce it. 

“But, it’s not just for me and the ranking member. As chairman, I want every member of my committee to see it, including the Afghan veterans who served so bravely. They deserve to see it, the American people deserve to see it, and the gold star families.”