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Washington, D.C. – House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul joined Martha Radadatz on ABC’s “This Week” and CNN’s “State of the Union” with Dana Bash to discuss the latest on Russia’s unprovoked war of aggression in Ukraine, President Biden’s classified documents scandal, and the nation’s debt ceiling. 

Watch the interview here

Watch the interview here.


On the Biden and Scholz Governments’ Decisions to Withhold ATACMS and Leopard 2 Tanks: 

“Well, NATO’s Secretary General Stoltenberg, called it a pivotal moment. I think that we cannot slow-walk the weapons in… I’ve been a proponent of let’s give them what they need. When they do, they win. The [Leopard 2] tanks are vitally important. “

On the Importance of Burden Sharing Among NATO Allies and Expediting Critical Weapons to Ukraine: 

“I do think the Ramstein Conference was successful in the sense that all the NATO allies realize they have a burden of sharing and contributions. The two main things that Zelenskyy is talking about, and everybody I’ve talked to, they need the tanks for the winter offensive that the Russians are going to perpetrate and they need the longer range artillery (known as ATACMS).”

On President Biden’s Classified Documents Scandal: 

“Watergate started as a very small burglary and it led to the President of the United States resigning, so I don’t know what’s there until we see the documents… The way I look at it, my wife was a naval intelligence analyst, if she took one document, classified, home she would be prosecuted… Biden called [President Trump’s possession of classified documents] ‘totally irresponsible,’ but yet he’s guilty of the same sin, if you will, by taking these documents home.” 

On the U.S.’s Debt Ceiling – the Democrats’ Partisan Spending Sprees Pushed Debt to its limit: 

“Yeah, and I think if you don’ t [raise the debt limit], you have catastrophic events, so you can’t. Well, I talked to Kevin McCarthy, the Speaker yesterday. He made it very clear I’m ready to sit down with President Biden today to talk about a reasonable, debt ceiling, which would mean many meaningful spending cuts. The fact is we should be having these conversations right now. We know that Secretary Yellen is going to put this off until June. June is going to be the target month. But the speaker of the House is willing to sit down today with the President of the United States and try to work this out, and I would encourage him to do that.”