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Washington, DC – House Foreign Affairs Committee Lead Republican Michael McCaul and Chairman Gregory W. Meeks, and Co-Chairmen of the House of Representatives Georgia Caucus Gerry Connolly and Adam Kinzinger released the following statement in response to developments in the Republic of Georgia.  

“As friends of Georgia who have long supported Georgia’s commitment to democracy, the events in Tbilisi that unfolded last night were disheartening to witness. Years of hard work by the Georgian people to build a stronger and more prosperous democracy are being gravely threatened by excessive force and undemocratic impulses. In the interest of resolving political discord peacefully, we encourage the leaders of Georgian Dream to de-escalate the situation and work with the United National Movement and other opposition parties to bring Georgia’s push for a healthy democratic future back on track. We fear that failure to work with minority parties will impede the progress made by Georgia to foster stronger relations with the European Union and NATO.”