ISIL on NATO’s border, says Chairman of House Foreign Affairs Committee

Washington, D.C. – Upon reports that the Syrian town of Kobani, near the Turkish border, may fall to ISIL militants, Chairman Royce made the following statement:

“For weeks, ISIL has been advancing on the strategically significant Syrian town of Kobani, which had been inhabited by some 400,000 Syrian Kurds.  For weeks, the terrorists have bombarded the town with artillery, mortars and truck-mounted heavy machine guns.  Now, the black flag of ISIL has been hoisted in portions of the town.  A slaughter awaits those who haven’t fled across the border to Turkey.   

“The ISIL advance has evolved over a period of weeks in broad daylight.  While Syrian Kurds continue to sacrifice their lives in defense of the town, the Obama Administration has done little to stop the assault.  This is yet another situation in which the Islamic State’s personnel and heavy weapons have been readily visible and vulnerable to U.S. airstrikes.  Instead of decisive action, the ISIL advance was met with only a handful of airstrikes.  This morning’s escalated efforts may be too late.

“A terrorist army is now on NATO’s doorstep.  It is time for Turkey and other Alliance members to more forcefully get involved in combating ISIL in Syria.”