Washington, D.C. – Today, Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA) issued the following statement after the House Republican Conference ratified the GOP Steering Committee’s recommendation that he serve as chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee in the 115th Congress:

“I want to thank my colleagues, and am ready to get to work on our Better Way Agenda to keep America safe and restore our influence abroad.

“This year, we’ve already taken important steps to pave the way for this new approach.  We’ve reauthorized and reformed a major food aid program to save money and lives.  We’ve approved a long-term extension of the Iran Sanctions Act, which will soon reach the president’s desk.  And we’ve started the process of revitalizing U.S. international broadcasting.

“Obviously, there’s a lot still to be done.  America faces deadly threats from Iran, North Korea and ISIS terrorists.  Working together with the talented members of our committee, and the incoming administration, I know we can rise to the challenge.”