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Washington, D.C. — Today, House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul spoke at a House Rules Committee hearing in support of his bill H.R. 8038, the “21st Century Peace through Strength Act,”  which will serve as the fourth pillar of the House Republican national security supplemental package. In his remarks, Chairman McCaul underscored how America’s adversaries, like the Chinese Communist Party and Vladimir Putin, are working together to undermine America’s national security and spread chaos around the globe. 

On H.R. 3038, Chairman McCaul said, “We are at a real pivotal point in history as we look at the map and our adversaries… Chairman Xi is watching what happens in Ukraine to determine whether he invades Taiwan in the Pacific. And then the Ayatollah raises [his] ugly head. These dictators—including [in] North Korea—are all tied together… We can’t pick and choose our enemies. They choose us. This bill is probably one of the most important votes we’ll have in our careers, because it does confront all of those threats. … Our adversaries are working together to undermine our Western values and demean our democracy… I want to quote Reagan, I’m a Reagan Republican and I admired him: ‘Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid.’ We cannot be afraid at this moment. We have to do what’s right.”