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Washington, D.C. — Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX) issued the following statement regarding the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which included the Australia-United Kingdom-United States (AUKUS) Security Partnership championed by Chairman McCaul, Subcommittee Chairs Young Kim (R-CA) and Tom Kean (R-NJ), and Representative Bill Huizenga (R-MI).
“The Australia-U.K.-U.S. alliance, known as AUKUS, is critical to pushing back against the increasingly aggressive Chinese Communist Party in the Indo-Pacific. Recent events like the atrocities committed by Hamas, Russia’s illegal invasion and occupation of Ukraine, and China’s threats against Taiwan and in the South China Sea remind us why it is key to have reliable allies like the Australians and British, who have fought side-by-side with us for decades. I am pleased the NDAA includes language to authorize the sale of Virginia-class submarines to Australia and to provide them a full nation defense trade exemption that is not hampered by over-regulation, to the Australians and Brits, who are clearly ready and eligible to receive this type of exemption,” said Chairman Michael McCaul.
The bipartisan compromise on AUKUS within the NDAA includes:
  • A modified version of Chairman McCaul’s legislation, H.R. 4725, the AUKUS Oversight and Accountability Act.
    • Creates a senior advisor within the State Department and authorizes industry forums with traditional and innovative startup companies, among other responsibilities; and
    • Empowers continuing congressional oversight on AUKUS to ensure the partnership is implemented efficiently.
  • A modified version of the House passed bipartisan H.R. 1093, sponsored by Chairman McCaul, directing the Secretary of State to provide reporting to Congress on AUKUS implementation.
  • A modified version of H.R. 4619, the AUKUS Submarine Authorization Act, sponsored by House Foreign Affairs Member Bill Huizenga and championed by Chairman McCaul.
  • Authorizes the sale of conventionally armed, nuclear-powered submarines to Australia;
    • Ensures investment of 3 billion dollars of Australian investment into the U.S. submarine industrial base;
    • Streamlines defense trade controls to allow for further cooperation with the Australians and British in joint submarine operations and future manufacturing; and
    • Enables the creation of Submarine Rotational Force – West,  a vital location for the U.S. submarine force.
  • Enacts whole nation defense trade exemption informed by H.R. 4716, the Keeping our Allies Leading in Advancement Act led by Indo-Pacific Subcommittee Chair Young Kim and Chairman McCaul and H.R. 4715, the Bilateral Resilience in Industry Trade Act, led by Europe Subcommittee Chair Tom Kean and Chairman McCaul.
    • Requires a determination by President Biden as to whether the British and the Australians have comparable export control systems to the U.S. and provide a whole nation defense trade exemption.
      • This exemption will save time and resources across government and industry and give the U.S. better tools to deter China and help our partners and allies through joint high-tech development across the spectrum of innovative technologies like quantum computing, artificial intelligence, hypersonics, autonomous systems and cyber capabilities.