Chairman Ros-Lehtinen on the hearing: “This hearing is an opportunity for Members to hear from experts on the latest developments in Syria as well as recommendations for U.S. policy. While Assad’s planned offensive in Idlib is on hold for the moment, the regime, with its allies Russia and Iran, continue to increase their control over Syria as a whole, raising questions about the implications for U.S. interests and the viability of the administration’s strategy for countering Iran. After signing a deal for additional military cooperation with Assad last month, Iran is showing no signs of leaving Syria anytime soon. The U.S. needs a comprehensive and coherent strategy for Syria that rolls back Iranian influence in the Middle East.”

Opening Statements


Ms. Hanin Ghaddar
Friedmann Visiting Fellow
The Washington Institute for Near East Policy
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Mr. Nicholas Heras
Middle East Security Program
Center for a New American Security
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Ms. Mona Yacoubian
Senior Advisor for Syria
Middle East and North Africa
U.S. Institute of Peace
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Hearing transcript (PDF)