Chairman Ros-Lehtinen on the hearing: “While the United States has focused much of its attention on Syria and Iran, developments in Egypt have gone largely under the radar. Despite a weakened economy, difficulty in implementing reforms and an inability to secure a decisive victory against terror groups in the Sinai, Sisi won his bid for re-election earlier this year. Since then, we have seen little indication that Egypt will be able to stabilize its economy, secure its borders, improve its human rights record, or make the reforms necessary to move forward. This hearing will allow the subcommittee to refocus our attention to a key U.S. partner in the region, and assess ways in which we can bolster our cooperation with Egypt to ensure it takes meaningful steps forward in a way that benefits Egypt as well as our own national security interests.”

Opening Statements


Mr. Samuel Tadros
Senior Fellow
Center for Religious Freedom
The Hudson Institute
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Michele Dunne, Ph.D.
Director and Senior Fellow
Middle East Program
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
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Mr. Jared Genser
Adjunct Professor of Law
Georgetown University Law Center
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Mr. Andrew Miller
Deputy Director for Policy
Project on Middle East Democracy
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Hearing transcript (PDF)