COVID-19 Resources

The Foreign Affairs Committee staff has been working around the clock to provide House offices with the latest information we are receiving on the State Department’s repatriation efforts and to help those offices address concerns from thousands of Americans overseas. Below you'll find resources from the Committee and Department of State that may be of use for Americans around the globe impacted by this crisis.

Committee Briefings

Authoritarianism, Disinformation, and Good Governance During COVID-19

Committee Press Releases

Engel & Sires Call on Secretary Pompeo to Resume Life-Saving Assistance for Venezuela
Joint Statement of Four Foreign Affairs Committee Chairs on Transatlantic Leadership to Combat Covid-19
Engel & Sires Urge Salvadoran President to Respect Democratic Norms
Engel Launches Inquiry into Trump Decision to Halt WHO Funding
Foreign Affairs Committee Democrats to Trump: Resume Funding to WHO
Top Lawmakers Call for Action to Combat COVID-19 in Rohingya Refugee Camps
Engel Condemns Trump Decision to Withhold Funding from the World Health Organization
House Chairs Condemn President’s Assault on IGs
Engel & McCaul Urge Airlines to Work with State Department to Help Bring Americans Home
Engel Calls on Trump Administration to Restrict Exports of Medical Equipment
Engel & Menendez Propose Policies for Addressing COVID-19 in Iran
Engel, McCaul Statement on Death of State Department Employee from COVID-19
Engel Statement on Orban’s Coronavirus Power Grab
Engel Calls for State Department Personnel Protections During COVID-19
Engel & Smith Lead Effort Pushing Trump Administration to Maintain Humanitarian Assistance to Yemen during Coronavirus Crisis
Engel Statement on State Department Briefing for Members of Congress on Repatriation Efforts
Engel Statement on New State Department Advisory against Travel Due to Coronavirus
Engel Statement on Trump’s Coronavirus Response and Travel Restrictions
Engel & McCaul Lead Bipartisan Warning about Coronavirus Risks Tied to Taiwan’s Exclusion from Aviation Coordinating Body
Engel Statement at Coronavirus Outbreak Subcommittee Hearing

Committee Resources

March 20 Dear Colleague

Department of State Resources

On March 19th the State Department issued a Level 4 worldwide health advisory urging U.S. citizens to avoid international travel due to the global impact of COVID-19.

The State Department has created a 24-hour public hotline for Americans abroad:

Embassy websites for country-specific COVID-19 information
CDC Materials for Incoming Travelers from High-Risk Countries
State Department Capabilities in a Crisis
Country-Specific Information/Health Alerts 
Embassy-Specific COVID-19 Information
Reducing Stigma
CDC’s Travel Website

Other Congressional Resources

Summary of the CARES Act
Section-by-Section Summary of CARES Act
House Agriculture Committee Resources
House Education and Labor Committee Resources
House Veterans Affairs Committee Resources
Majority Leader Hoyer Coronavirus Resources
Majority Whip James Clyburn Coronavirus Resources

Additional resources are available on the CDC's Website.