Rep. Ed Royce represents Southern California’s 39th Congressional District, which includes parts of Orange County – where Ed and his wife, businesswoman Marie Royce, have long resided.  As chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Ed Royce is a leader in the global fight to advance human rights, free and fair elections, and solutions to promote security and economic growth.

Now serving his 13th term in Congress, Chairman Royce has built a strong record as an effective legislator and common-sense conservative.  In 2014, he spearheaded bipartisan congressional opposition to the Iran nuclear agreement – warning that the deal fails to shut off the regime’s path to a nuclear weapon.  Today he continues to lead efforts to hold Iran accountable for its dangerous and provocative acts, while also pushing for robust policies to take the fight to radical Islamist terrorists both on the ground and over the Internet.

Chairman Royce’s southern California district is home to one of America’s largest Asian American populations, and he is particularly concerned by the illicit weapons programs and the human rights abuses of North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.  In early 2016, he led the Congress in overwhelmingly passing legislation to strengthen sanctions on the Kim regime, which prompted the U.N. Security Council to follow with its own multilateral sanctions.

As a former chairman of the Africa subcommittee, Chairman Royce has long advocated for market-driven policies that help lift people out of poverty.  He led bipartisan efforts to spur trade through the African Growth and Opportunity Act, and recently played a key role in the enactment of the Electrify Africa Act to promote development of affordable and reliable energy.

Ed Royce

Chairman Royce High-Resolution Photo