Washington, D.C. – This morning on Fox News Channel, Chairman Royce discussed the need to keep pressure on Kim Jong Un and previewed today’s hearing on U.S. policy toward a turbulent Middle East. Video and key excerpts are below.

We cannot allow the North Koreans to repeat history:

“In the past, the North Koreans have used talks in order to extract concessions, in order to buy time as they’ve continued to build up their nuclear weapons program, their missile program.

“I think [the] primary strategy has to be… to continue to ratchet up… pressureagainst every financial institution, shipping company, any country that attempts to circumvent the sanctions…. and to stay steadfast with our allies in the region, with South Korea, with Japanthat all seek not only to apply the sanctions that we have put in place, but also the sanctions that Nikki Haley got through the Security Council.

Assad’s use of chemical weapons will not be tolerated:

“I can tell you there are about 35 examples where we have found evidence, hard evidence, that [Syrian regime forces] have used gas…  [W]e hit… [chemical weapons] factories, along with the British, along with the French, with the support of Turkey and other countries in the region thatdo not want Assad to be using chemical weapons…. And I think that sends a very strong message.”