Today at a House Republican press briefing, committee member Rep. Dave Trott (R-MI) spoke about Iran’s illicit behavior and voiced his support for Chairman Ed Royce’s bill (H.R. 5931) to end cash payments to Iran. Video and a few key excerpts are below.


The administration’s policies have emboldened Iran:
“With Iran the facts are clear…Since the [nuclear] agreement was put in place, Iran has seized more Americans, accelerated its missile program, tried to embarrass our military, and escalated its rhetoric against our friends around the world… An emboldened Iran places the entire world at risk.”

Cash payments to Iran must stop:
“It is evident that Iran has been testing the administration’s resolve and exploiting our weakness…That’s why the House will be taking a key step this week by voting on Chairman Royce’s legislation to block further ransom payments to Iran.”

House Republicans are offering a better way forward:
“I believe it’s important for Americans to know that House Republicans are offering a better way to keep America safe. Our plan offers specific ideas to defeat ISIS, confront Iran’s dangerous acts, and promote freedom around the world…By working together and making tough decisions now, I believe we can strengthen America’s place in the world and ensure a safer nation for all Americans.”