-Countering China’s Corrupt, Deceptive Influence Around the World-

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Michael McCaul (R-TX), Lead Republican of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, today announced his new initiative to help counter China’s deceptive and malign influence around the globe. This initiative’s goals are to educate the American public and others about the threat posed by China’s ongoing campaign to challenge American interests in key domains and to help foster an enduring, comprehensive strategy with our allies and partners to better compete with China globally. McCaul will speak more on this initiative at the American Enterprise Institute at 10:00 AM ET today.

“Twenty years ago, I prosecuted a case against Johnny Chung, a Chinese national who was ultimately convicted for his attempts to influence U.S. elections and domestic policy at the behest of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). While we brought that single case to justice, China’s deceptive behavior on the world stage has aggressively expanded since then.

“Under the totalitarian leadership of the CCP, China has become the United States’ strategic adversary and most consequential foreign policy challenge of the century. Complacency toward Chairman Xi and his Chinese Communist Party has allowed their quest for dominance to go largely unchecked on the world stage for far too long. Now, they pose a serious and growing threat to American interests and values across key domains like security, academia, commerce, technology, and governance.

“My goal is to elevate the national discourse regarding the Chinese Communist Party’s true intentions and call America to action. As a nation, we must rise to this challenge. Bringing awareness is the first step toward formulating an enduring, comprehensive strategy for the U.S. and our allies to best compete against China on the world stage.  I look forward to speaking more on this initiative today at the American Enterprise Institute.” 

For more information on Lead Republican McCaul’s initiative to counter China’s deceptive global influence, click here.

To watch Lead Republican McCaul’s remarks at AEI beginning at 10:00 AM ET, click here