Washington D.C. – Congressman Michael McCaul (R-TX), Lead Republican of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, spoke on the House Floor in support of the protestors in Iran demanding accountability from their leaders.


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-Remarks as Delivered-

“Madam Speaker, I rise in strong support of the Iranian people and our condemnation of the Iranian regime’s crackdown on legitimate protests. I want to first thank Congressman Deutch for introducing this resolution, and I’m proud to be a co-sponsor of it. Twice in the past three months the Iranian people have bravely raised their voices to protest the conduct of the despotic Iranian regime. And both times – these peaceful, popular demonstrations have been met with utter violence. In November protestors across Iran voiced their anger at increasing gasoline prices this, soon this broadened to voicing their anger at the regime as a whole. The Islamic Republic of Iran responded with brutal force. Security thugs opened fire on unarmed protestors.

“The regime cut off the internet in an attempt to silence the voice of the people and suppress the evidence of the security force’s blood shed. Despite the regime’s efforts, the world still knows about their cruelty. We have all seen the videos of security forces shooting innocent people in the streets. The regime killed as many as 1,500 people, by far the largest and most violent crackdown since the 1979 revolution. Just a few weeks later the Iranian people were once again furious with their government. This time it was because the regime shot down a commercial airliner killing 176 innocent people, many of whom were Iranian. Even worse, the regime did not admit to having done so for three days. They intentionally lied to their own people and to the world. Once again, security forces fired on peaceful protestors. The broad frustration with this cruel lying regime is evident. An Iranian Olympic medalist announced she was defecting because of “hypocrisy, lies, injustice, and flattery.” Iran state TV anchor resigned saying “it was hard for me to believe the killing of my own countrymen. I apologize for lying to you on television for the last 13 years.”

“With this resolution we declare that the House of Representatives stands with the people of Iran demanding accountability from their leaders. I thank the president for loudly and clearly supporting the rights of the Iranian people. The president has urged the regime not to use violence against their own people. He’s also worked to hold the Iranian regime accountable for its cruelty. The administration has actively sought information about the perpetrators of violence through its tip line. Using those tips, the administration has sanctioned those with blood on their hands such as the IRGC commander who oversaw a massacre in November, killing as many as 148 people. I want to thank the administration for taking concrete action to support the people of Iran.

“This resolution is our opportunity in Congress to show the same support. It’s an important step. We can and must do more. Our next course of action should be to pass my bill that holds the Iranian officials accountable for serious human rights abuses. So let’s stand together as Americans and keep the process and pressure up on this dangerous regime. Let me just say, I talked to many Iranians throughout this country, and the people of Iran are watching this chamber. They are watching what we say here. Our voices do matter in Iran and to the Iranian people who are in the United States.  I want to thank again Congressman Deutch for bringing this important resolution that stands up for the people of Iran.”