Washington D.C. – Today, Congressman Michael McCaul (R-TX), Lead Republican of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, spoke to Cheryl Cansone on “Making Money with Charles Payne” to provide an update on the U.S. response to coronavirus and China’s role in the spread. Key highlights are below.

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On the need for a stimulus package: “Well, we’re in a crisis. It is a global pandemic. The next two months will be critical. When I talk to Larry Kudlow and others, the fundamentals in the economy are very strong. We’ll get through this but in the short term we have to provide stimulus, particularly to workers without pay, for medium to low income workers, and those who really live paycheck to paycheck and have hourly wages. That is where this stimulus of $500 billion of direct checks is going to be targeted towards. I do think that we’ll have a  short-term effect on markets. I think they will respond positively. There is $300 billion in small business relief as well which I think will be very important and finally, Cheryl, $200 billion for impacted industries like airlines and hospitality.”

On holding China accountable: “We’ll also have to have an adult conversation about where this all started in the first place and that is in Wuhan, China. The irresponsible, wet market practice in China. This is not our first movie, right? We had SARS come out of there, the bird flu and now coronavirus. When is this going to stop?”